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Kick a Cold with These Preventative Tips

Contracting the common cold in winter is about as inevitable as rain on a Bank Holiday weekend – it nearly always happens. No one likes feeling ill – especially in winter, when the cold, damp and wet weather can make us feel a bit fed up as it is.

What actually causes a cold, though? The common cold refers to a group of symptoms caused by viruses; more than 200 of these viruses are linked to the cold and the preventative illness can be passed from person to hands via the hands.

But what can you do to prevent the common cold? Follow our top tips from the Hussain Chemists team and you might just dodge it this year.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

The easiest way to prevent the spread of a cold from person to person is by washing your hands as often as you can – and for at least 20 seconds each time you do. Helping to prevent the spread of infection, doing so will give you a good chance of avoiding a cold. Make sure you pay attention to washing under the fingernails and between the fingers themselves, though. Rinsing and drying your hands with a clean towel, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser while on the go, too.



Don’t Touch Your Face Too Much

Since viruses can enter your body via the eyes, mouth and nose, it’s vital you don’t touch your face too much – particularly if you’re spending time with someone who already has a cold. If a family member or friend is infected with the virus, try not to share crockery, cutlery, mugs or even towels. Instead, use disposable items like plastic cups, and take your own towel and wash cloth if you’re staying over for the night.

Keep Your Health in Check

It’s important you keep your general health in check if you’d like to avoid getting a cold, since a drained immune system may leave you more vulnerable to contracting the illness. Keep topped up with essential vitamins, stay active, drink plenty of water and enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. You should also do your best to control stress, as this too can play a part.

Ensure Work Surfaces Are Clean

Keep your house in order by giving your work surfaces a regular wipe down. This will help prevent the spread of infection and might encourage others to do the same. You should also keep toys and other household objects squeaky clean by giving them a wipe if you think they’re looking a little grubby. Antibacterial wipes are ideal for this, since you can whip them out as and when needed.

Already Have a Cold?

Take a look here for some product recommendations and stock up to see you through autumn and winter, too. Lemsip, in particular, is ideal for those prone to colds, as it can be kept in your desk drawer at work for emergencies – and you can keep a box at home as well.

How do you prevent a common cold? Let us know by commenting on this blog.

Meta description: Say no to the common cold this autumn and winter by following our preventative methods here at Hussain Chemists.

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